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Sheng Cai, Pianist "Talent that Puts Canada on the Map"
A pianist that is possibly better than Glenn Gould, this is how 24-year-old pianist, Sheng Cai was introduced to the audience at the Georgian Music Concert on Sunday afternoon.The famous first movement of Moonlight sonata was played with an instant:"space" with hushed intimacy...Especially delightful were moments when his choice of balance and voicing managed to bring fresh ways of listening..
The program turned romantic with Chopin's Ballade No. 1, at times warm and eloquent, at times openly exuberant, it was a clean and precise display of virtuoso piano playing, he concluded his performance with the dazzling response to a most enthusiastic ovation, and encore,... but definitely an impressive artist in his own right.
--- Sandra Ruttan, Barrie Examiner, Monday January 2013
Sheng Cai, Soloist"Old Warhorse" a Stallion in Young Hands"
A brilliant young pianist, a soothing string-orchestra interlude and a sweeping symphonic outpouring rewarded a Kamloops Symphony audience on Saturday, Edward Grieg's Concerto for piano Op.16 in A minor is considered a staple among pianists, often described as an old warhorse along the lines of Beethoven's fifth Symphony. Sheng Cai, Shanghai-born Canadian pianist gave it a fresh sparkle, his hand seeming to float effortlessly over the keys in quieter moments, his whole body quaking with force during strident parts.
He was tempted to perform a Liszt rhapsody to punctuated the concerto, but felt it was better to contrast the mood of the concerto with Sergei Rachmaninoff's somber Elegie in E-flat minor.
---Mike Youds, Daily Staff Report of BC Kamloops News, 2011
Ming Bao Press Reviews
Depth of interpretation in music and maturity beyond his age, Sheng Cai is rarely to be seen among talented pianist today.
-- Ran Guo, Reporter of Ming Bao Press, July 2003
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