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Lindsay Young Artist Recital Showcase
Sheng Cai performed Bach with impeccable articulation and brilliant execution of the rapid chromatic passages, his sinewy performance maintained pace, energy and power throughout...Scriabin sonata fantasy was played with similar technical skill, but also a feeling for its color and romanticism... a very satisfying performance.
--- Peter Milner, Lindsay Post Review, May 2003
Sheng Cai plays in Birmingham , USA
With great confidence, temperamental piano, impressive for its bravura... gave more lucidity, breath, color and power.
----Michael Huebner,Birmingham News of Alabama 2006
2014-2015 Concert Season in Review of Ontario Philharmonic
Guest pianist Sheng Cai's piano work went from lilting to emphatic in a moment. And the piano sections had what sounded (to a layman's ears)like a counterpoint relationship with the orchestra, part of a musical conversation between solo piano and the orchestra proper.The second part of the concerto was more melodic, with playful,even coquettish, ections. After the intermission, Sheng Cai rejoined the OP for Piano Concerto No. 5 op. 73 in E-flat major,"also know as "The Emperor." It got off to a very lively start, evoking a sense of high adventure and strong emotions.A later section was devoted to regal themes, and the result was very pleasing. But the concerto's second part took pride of place. Completely different in tone from what preceded it, it started off soft, lyrical, and romantic. The segued to an instantly recognizable, well-high unforgettable section that was just plain thrilling: happily, that section's themes recurred throughout the balance of the concerto. It was well-earned standing ovations all around!
---By Critics John Arkelian 2015
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